G-JET® Low Profile Gastric-Jejunal Enteral Tube

Less Clogging
Increased Safety
Improved Comfort

Available in 14 French!

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A Better Balloon

(G-J) Button represents a major improvement in patient comfort. Just like AMT's Mini ONE© Button, the
G-JET's balloon is shaped like an apple to cover more surface area and minimize leaks at the stoma site. It seals better to reduce leaks that can lead to gastric ulceration and to hypertrophic granulation tissue.

Gastric holes are located immediately after balloon to ensure gastric only access.
Co-extruded radiopaque stripes provide clear radiographic identification.

Reduced Clogging

The G-JET's Button's unique internal tube geometry address clogging with a whole new profile. Unlike other G-J Buttons, our tube transforms from a tri-lumen design in its proximal (gastric) segment to a large lumen in its distal (jejunal) segment.

The G-JET's jejunal lumen provides more than 60% increase in cross section area to provide better flow. Additionally, we've reduced sharp corners from the lumen to further increase flow and help prevent clogs.

With less clogging, you may require fewer tube replacements.

Due to the larger J lumen, the guidewire is easy to place or remove. In addition, it is less likely to bend or kink the tube during guidewire removal.


Less Risk of Misconnections

Accidentally feeding the stomach instead of the jejunum can be dangerous! The G-JET Button addresses this multiple ways.

The G-JET® has mutually-exclusive ports. Gastric feed set will only fit in gastric port; jejunal feed set only fits in jejunal port.

White Gastric
Access Feeding Set

Cat. No. 6-1221
Beige Jejunal Access Feeding Set
Cat No. 8-1255
G and J printed on straps for visual differentiation.
Ports and feeding sets are color-coded.
G and J molded into straps for tactile identification.
Jejunal length printed on "J" strap and laser engraved on the external bolster.
G and J safety plugs have distinctive shapes for tactile differentiation.

Greater Tube Integrity

Fewer holes are required in jejunal section. This promotes consistent flow and pressure through the entire tube.

A complete offering of G-JET® Button Feeding Sets is Available.

How to Order

Toll-Free: 800-869-7382
Email: cs@appliedmedical.net
G-JET® Buttons
14 French 16 French — COMING SOON 18 French — COMING SOON 22 French — COMING SOON
Order No. Order No. Order No. Order No.
GJ-1410-1514F x 1.0cm x 15cm GJ-1610-1516F x 1.0cm x 15cm GJ-1812-2218F x 1.2cm x 22cm GJ-2215-4522F x 1.5cm x 45cm
GJ-1410-2214F x 1.0cm x 22cm GJ-1610-2216F x 1.0cm x 22cm GJ-1812-3018F x 1.2cm x 30cm GJ-2217-4522F x 1.7cm x 45cm
GJ-1412-1514F x 1.2cm x 15cm GJ-1612-1516F x 1.2cm x 15cm GJ-1815-2218F x 1.5cm x 22cm GJ-2220-4522F x 2.0cm x 45cm
GJ-1412-2214F x 1.2cm x 22cm GJ-1612-2216F x 1.2cm x 22cm GJ-1815-3018F x 1.5cm x 30cm GJ-2223-4522F x 2.3cm x 45cm
GJ-1412-3014F x 1.2cm x 30cm GJ-1612-3016F x 1.2cm x 30cm GJ-1815-4518F x 1.5cm x 45cm GJ-2225-4522F x 2.5cm x 45cm
GJ-1415-1514F x 1.5cm x 15cm GJ-1615-1516F x 1.5cm x 15cm GJ-1817-2218F x 1.7cm x 22cm GJ-2227-4522F x 2.7cm x 45cm
GJ-1415-2214F x 1.5cm x 22cm GJ-1615-2216F x 1.5cm x 22cm GJ-1817-3018F x 1.7cm x 30cm GJ-2230-4522F x 3.0cm x 45cm
GJ-1415-3014F x 1.5cm x 30cm GJ-1615-3016F x 1.5cm x 30cm GJ-1817-4518F x 1.7cm x 45cm GJ-2235-4522F x 3.5cm x 45cm
GJ-1415-4514F x 1.5cm x 45cm GJ-1615-4516F x 1.5cm x 45cm GJ-1820-2218F x 2.0cm x 22cm
GJ-1417-1514F x 1.7cm x 15cm GJ-1617-1516F x 1.7cm x 15cm GJ-1820-3018F x 2.0cm x 30cm
GJ-1417-2214F x 1.7cm x 22cm GJ-1617-2216F x 1.7cm x 22cm GJ-1820-4518F x 2.0cm x 45cm
GJ-1417-3014F x 1.7cm x 30cm GJ-1617-3016F x 1.7cm x 30cm GJ-1823-3018F x 2.3cm x 30cm
GJ-1417-4514F x 1.7cm x 45cm GJ-1617-4516F x 1.7cm x 45cm GJ-1823-4518F x 2.3cm x 45cm
GJ-1420-2214F x 2.0cm x 22cm GJ-1620-2216F x 2.0cm x 22cm GJ-1825-3018F x 2.5cm x 30cm
GJ-1420-3014F x 2.0cm x 30cm GJ-1620-3016F x 2.0cm x 30cm GJ-1825-4518F x 2.5cm x 45cm
GJ-1420-4514F x 2.0cm x 45cm GJ-1620-4516F x 2.0cm x 45cm GJ-1827-3018F x 2.7cm x 30cm
GJ-1423-3014F x 2.3cm x 30cm GJ-1623-3016F x 2.3cm x 30cm GJ-1827-4518F x 2.7cm x 45cm
GJ-1423-4514F x 2.3cm x 45cm GJ-1623-4516F x 2.3cm x 45cm GJ-1830-4518F x 3.0cm x 45cm
GJ-1425-3014F x 2.5cm x 30cm GJ-1625-3016F x 2.5cm x 30cm GJ-1835-4518F x 3.5cm x 45cm
GJ-1425-4514F x 2.5cm x 45cm GJ-1625-4516F x 2.5cm x 45cm
GJ-1427-3014F x 2.7cm x 30cm GJ-1627-3016F x 2.7cm x 30cm
GJ-1427-4514F x 2.7cm x 45cm GJ-1627-4516F x 2.7cm x 45cm
GJ-1430-4514F x 3.0cm x 45cm GJ-1630-4516F x 3.0cm x 45cm
GJ-1435-4514F x 3.5cm x 45cm GJ-1635-4516F x 3.5cm x 45cm