For NJ or NG tubes

The AMT Bridle™ Nasal Tube System Optimizes Nutrition While Reducing Costs of Nasal Tubes

Inadvertent feeding tube dislodgement interrupts feeding and leads to decreased caloric intake. The AMT Bridle system dramatically reduces feeding tube pullouts (see Medical Literature Studies), resulting in improved caloric intake.

Consistent nutritional support is essential to providing the best possible patient outcomes.

Inadequately secured nasal tubes expose patients to risks including:

  1. Aspiration
  2. Pneumothorax
  3. Radiographic exposure
  4. Early and unnecessary transition to PEG/TPN
  5. Skin breakdown due to adhesive devices
  6. Sinusitis
  7. Pressure necrosis
  8. Interruptions to nutritional support

Tube replacement is expensive and decreases clinician productivity. Studies suggest the incidence of unintentional nasoenteric tube removal is 40% or more.

The AMT Bridle Nasal Tube Retaining System will reduce:

  1. Cost of extended length of stay due to sub-optimal nutrition
  2. Cost of clinicians' time to replace nasal tube
  3. Cost of new nasal tube, formula and supplies
  4. Cost of secondary x-ray or fluoroscopy
  5. Unreimbursed expenses under managed care

nasal bridle

Placed in Less Than a Minute, the Bridle Can Save Hours in Nasal Tube Reinsertion

The AMT Bridle is easily placed by passing magnets within the nasopharynx, which allows umbilical tape to be looped around the vomer bone, and then anchored to the tube with a clip.

  1. Placed in less than a minute
  2. No patient sedation required
  3. French size-specific clips to fit a variety of nasal tubes
  4. Secured without messy adhesive tape or sutures

How to Place the AMT Bridle™ System

The New Standard of Care for Nasogastric Tubes, Nasoenteral Tubes, and Nasojejunal Tubes

Routine bridling has become the Standard of Care for many ICUs due to improved nutritional outcomes and cost management. Rather than restrict bridling to suspected “problem” patients, the cost savings have compelled universal use on all nasal tubes.

Introducing the Micro AMT Bridle™ System

New smaller clips and probes for 5-8F sizes. Part number and ordering information are here.

AMT Bridle™ Nasal Tube Retaining System Resources