Why is the Balloon Mini ONE® Button Better for Tube Feeding?

Both patients and clinicians have discovered the AMT Button is a better alternative for G-Tube feeding:

  • providing greater comfort
  • longer life
  • the confidence you deserve

Tube Feeding Button Leaks are Reduced Two Ways:

Unique “Apple” Shape

The Balloon Mini ONE® Button is shaped like an apple to cover more surface area and minimize leaks at the gastrostomy site. It seals better to reduce granulation tissue (gastric ulceration).

Other balloon designs have less surface area coverage, and can result in more leakage.

Customizable Balloons for a Custom Fit

Mini ONE® Balloon fill volume can be easily adjusted for a custom-fit, reducing leaks and improving patient comfort. Our more durable silicone material permits fill variations to assure the proper fit.

Other balloon button manufacturers strongly recommend a single fill volume (5 ml). People don't come in one size and neither should their balloons! Your physician can recommend the best fill volume for you.

Balloon Mini ONE Button Fill Volume Table

French Size Minimum Recommended Maximum
12F 2 ml 2.5 ml 3 ml
14F 3 ml 4 ml 5 ml
16F 4 ml 6 ml 8 ml
18F 6 ml 8 ml 10 ml
20F 7 ml 10 ml 15 ml
24F 7 ml 10 ml 15 ml

Longer Balloon Life versus Mic-Key® Products

Independent tests of Mic-Key® balloon life versus AMT Mini ONE® balloon at the Cleveland Clinic have shown significantly longer balloon life under controlled laboratory acid test conditions.

  1. Balloon is made from the highest grade medical silicone
  2. Stronger and more durable than other buttons
  3. More compliant and better able to withstand stomach contractions

Lower Profile and Greater Flexibility Reduces Skin Irritation and Discomfort

  1. No hard, bulky external bolster means a lower profile
  2. Less obtrusive external bolster is much more comfortable for patient
  3. Flexible bolster is easier to clean around and less likely to create trauma to the stoma site
  4. The tapered transition from the shaft to the external bolster creates a better seal outside the stomach

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Optional Introducer/Stiffener Makes G-Tube Inserion Easier

Mini ONE® Buttons are made of a very soft and flexible silicone … that's why they are so soft and comfortable! Being soft and flexible also means that placement of the Mini ONE® Button is easier if you use the optional stiffener that comes with each button.

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