How Do I Care for a Gastrostomy Patient?

Button-style gastrostomy tubes (G–Tubes) have been successfully used for over 20 years. Caregivers and patients alike have discovered that, with a little bit of effort, enteral feeding through a button will become routine. Mini ONE® Buttons have been specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and confidence while being easy to use.

There are two different styles of Mini ONE® Buttons: the Balloon and the Non-Balloon. Your physician will have selected the style he or she thought was best for you.

Additionally, AMT has recently introduced an improved G-J tube, the G-JET® Button.

For additional information, download the AMT Balloon Mini ONE® Patient Education Guide (2.2 MB) or download the AMT Patient Education Guide for Non-Balloon Buttons (1.8 MB) for complete instructions on proper placement and maintenance of your new G-tube.
The guide is also available in Spanish.

Capsule Non-Balloon Mini ONE Button

Additional Support is Available

Visit our G-Tube Support page for more helpful resources.