There is a More Comfortable G-Tube Alternative for Enteral Feeding: Balloon and Non-Balloon Mini ONE® Buttons or G-JET® Buttons

As a caregiver or patient, we believe you have a right to the most comfortable and reliable gastrostomy tubes … and that's why we developed the Mini ONE® and G-JET® line of buttons. Whether you use our Balloon or Non-Balloon G-tube designs, we strive to provide the comfort and confidence you deserve, minimizing leaks, balloon breaks and granulation tissue. See Why is the Mini ONE® Button Better? for a complete discussion.

For additional information, download the AMT Balloon Mini ONE® Patient Education Guide (2.2 MB) or download the AMT Patient Education Guide for Non-Balloon Buttons (1.8 MB) for complete instructions on proper placement and maintenance of your new G-tube.
The guide is also available in Spanish.

A Full Range of Gastrostomy Tube Products

As “The Leader in Enteral Device Innovation,” we were present at the birth and development of the Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) movement. Our founder co-invented the very first Button low profile feeding device (peg tube), which we manufactured for distribution by others.

Through the last 20 years, AMT has consistently been the first to introduce improvements to g tube and G-J button designs.

Today, we design, manufacture and market an extensive range of innovative G-Tube items. View our gastrostomy products, or view them individually: