Mini Classic Button vs. Mini ONE® Button:
What's the Difference?

Mini Classic Button

  • NOT compatible with Mic-Key® feeding sets
White bolster port

Mini ONE® Button

  • ARE compatible with Mic-Key® feeding sets
Beige bolster port

Mini Classic Feeding Sets

  • NOT compatible with Mic-Key® devices
  • NOT compatible with Mini ONE® buttons
White connectors fit into button port

Mini ONE® Feeding Sets

  • ARE compatible with Mic-Key® devices
Beige connectors fit into button port

The Mini Classic Button has many loyal users. They enjoy the comfort of its low profile and soft, fleixble bolster.

However, there is another Mini button from AMT with more features, the Mini ONE® Button.

Next time you order, ask your provider for a Mini ONE Button and Feeding Set!


The Mini ONE® Button offers all the advantages of the Mini Classic … but with more features and greater compatibility.

We recommend the Mini ONE Button to all new users … as well as all people who previously used the Mini Classic Button.

Mini Classic Button

Mini ONE® Button

Unique "apple" shape to cover more surface area for a better seal and fewer leaks
Soft flexible bolsters for more comfort
Comes with Introducer/Stiffener to make placement easier
Feeding Sets are provided sterile
Feeding Port is Mic-Key® feed set compatible
Comes with comprehensive Patient Education Guide to provide guidance and support
Feeding Port accepts a slip tip syringe to make it easier to administer meds